Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pioneer Trek

Abby left for the Pioneer Trek this morning and will be gone until Saturday. The youth in our church wear pioneer clothing, cook simple meals and sleep as the early pioneers would have and travel with handcarts for miles throughout the mountains... no treats, no cells phones or electronic items. They are allowed to take just the basic minimal items to carry. Nothing more. They will work & play hard and have a great time just being together. We miss her already but are thrilled she has this opportunity to strengthen her testimony and gain an appreciation for the many sacrifices that the early pioneers made to bring the LDS church to Utah.
Abby, Miranda, Madi, Hannah, Kaeli and Angela
Caleb, Taylor, Michael, Matt, Taylor and Nathan


Amy said...

Hey Brenda,
Aaron doesn't know any helicopter pilots in Utah, but he knows all of the "Angel One" (life flight) here in Little Rock. If Ransom is interested in talking to any of them have him e-mail Aaron ( let him know what he want to know and Aaron will pass the information along. He is in great standing with the pilots here.

Thanks, Amy (aka: Aaron's personal secretary)

Becky said...

What a cool experience for these guys. Did they do this when we were young? Hope you sent a secret camera with Abby!