Saturday, June 6, 2009

D Day / Air Show

We all went to the Air Show at Hill Air Force Base today. So very red, white & blue cool. Way crowded, but worth it. We worked our way towards the front so we could listened to the music while the planes flew. It was the perfect way to remember D Day. The weather was perfect... with a slight breeze. Note for next time: Bring chairs, lunch and go early in the am for a better view.

On the way there, everyone had pie on their minds after seeing a Marie Calendar's bill board that said any pie for $6.99. We headed over there after the show for lunch and pie (well everyone but me as it did not fit into a vegetable, fruit or lean protein category). We came home and rode bikes. We also watched Harper's Island, a rather gruesome TV murder series and walked our scared Kelsie & Abby to bed in the basement :)

I love our country. I am so worried about the direction of big government it is headed in. For the record, I am no longer a Democrat or a Republican. Neither party shares my views. I have no respect or trust for either party, both disgust me greatly. I am an Independent that believes in a much smaller federal government and more power to the states and people. I am puzzled why most people are following along and not sharing their worries.


Mackey Family said...

Brenda, way cool pics! Looks like you had a ton-o-fun! That Conrad is one awesome little man!


Becky said...

Great pictures and something you guys will always remember. We live in "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Bet that air ahow inspired all. Yes, America is changing rapidly...