Friday, May 1, 2009

Yardwork Begins :)

Not only is today Friday, but the sun is shining... at least until it sprinkled a little tonight. I was excited to get home from work and get my hands in the dirt. As I was weeding, I listened to the neighborhood sounds and felt very content. I could hear Abby & her friends over at Richard Taylor's place across the street, standing in line and getting their Otter Pops. FREE each day to the neighbor kids... the best deal in town! Then they played games, had ice cream and oh yeah... one of the boys swirled his hair in the toilet. Hmmm... Ever hear of that? Is it possible that summer is around the corner?

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Becky said...

Love the pictures of Abby's friends. Ice-cream and Birrell go together, a sure magnet for the youth. Actually anykind of food is a magnet...good plan. Spring is finally coming to Utah. You've waited a long time. Have fun in your yard puttering.