Monday, May 4, 2009

My Helper

I came home from work early to watch Conrad today and we did yardwork together. We started in the front yard, but all he wanted to do was throw the ball in the street and go after it... over and over again. He would give me a little look and take off running. It took me a while to realize I have just as many weeds to pull in the backyard and thought it would make a better place to contain him. He liked to take the weeds I pulled and shove them in the watering cans, making for a very muddy mess but a very happy boy :)
Yes... Conrad still tilts his head to smile when I get my camera out


Becky said...

Don't you just want to stare at him cause he's so beautiful? Maybe it's because I'm related...or maybe its because he's so darn cute! Couldn't have a better helper:)

Mackey Family said...

Way to be a BIG HELPER Conrad!