Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today we couldn't have asked for better weather. Not cold, not hot... just perfect! We went over to Larry's parents and grilled hamburgers, swam, played wiffle ball and topped it off with homemade ice cream. Abby, Miranda & Austin must have run & jumped in the pool 1/2 the day! It was a good day spent visiting with everyone as we kick off summertime. Memorial Day has got to be one of the most special of holidays... it's a good time to pause and remember our loved ones. We are so thankful to all those who have sacrificed everything to fight for our freedoms and keep our country safe.

We came home and rode our bikes around the circuit... down Center street, up canyon road and back up 8th north. It felt extra good. Ransom, Katie & Conrad (and Ransom's brother David) just got home from AZ tonight and dropped by. To have Conrad peak around the corner, squeal and come running into my arms was the very best part of my day. We missed them but know they had a great time with Ransom's family :)
1. Larry, Joe & Kevin 2. Kelsie, Larry & Lindsey 3. David & Kyle
4. Talking 5. Cameron & Paul 6. Group Lunch

1. Abby & Miranda 2. Kelsie & Ashlee
3,4,5 &6 Jumping in with Austin, Miranda & Abby

1. Brent & Joe 2. Kevin 3. Flag 4. Larry dishing out homemade
ice-cream 5. Cameron & Kelsie 6. Ashlee & Paul

1. Miranda & Abby 2. Feet in Water 3. Scott 4. Betty & Alex
5. Pool Time 6. Lindsey & Kelsie

1. Wiffle Ball 2. Brent & Zac 3. Paul & Lindsey
4. Kelsie, Lindsey & Ashlee
5. Brent, Kyle, Lindsey 6. Brent & Lindsey

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Becky said...

What a memorable day! filled with family and friends. You are blessed Brenda. Loved the picture of our flag waving with the mountains in the background. A time to pause and honor all those who fought for our freedom and a time to remember all our loved ones who have gone on before us.