Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hope of America

Tonight we took the Young Women in our church to Hope of America at the BYU Marriott Center, now in it's 14th year. It's a very patriotic and God filled program that is the kick off for the Fourth of July Freedom Festival. All the 5th graders in the area schools participate. The kids do hand actions with each song they sing and you can tell who has been in the program before because they are the ones doing the hand actions in the audience. We stayed after and helped with the tear down for service hours. It was done in a jiffy and then we stopped off and got ice cream as we took this group of giggly girls home. They are each so easy to love :)
Highlight: Final song with flashlights
Downer: No Neil Diamond 'Coming to America'

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Becky said...

Great opportunity for these girls to attend this celcebration. Never heard of it. I bet it was beautiful and moving during the flashlight song. This country was founded on God. I saw in the news yesterday that Maine had approved same sex marriage and that Obama was not going to recognize National Day Of Prayer beyond a paper proclamation. No ceremony at the white house this year. God is the only hope of America.