Tuesday, May 19, 2009

School Mornings

Abby and her best friend Miranda are wrapping up the eighth grade this coming week. We love our Miranda! Each morning brings the same routine (but with different moods, we are after all a houseful of girls)... Larry makes Abby's lunch, Anyone but me usually says the prayer (I am still half asleep), Abby is quickly finishing up her homework, Kelsie is breezing in and out, Miranda comes over at 7:10am with shoes in hand, if there is time, she may put them on at our place, if not, then on the bus. Abby usually takes her breakfast to go... and yes, sometimes with shoes in hand too. We give them hugs and send them on their way to catch the bus. Of course, when we over sleep, all routines are off and we scramble :)


Becky said...

Congratulations on two cute rising 9th graders! Have a fun summer :)

Kat said...

Two good girls who make the best of friends. Thanks for sharing Abby with us. This will be missed.