Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Eye Open

This week I am staying close to home. Some call it babysitting or chaperoning, I just call it being home where I love to be. Josh is visiting from Michigan for his spring break, yes for Kelsie but the rest of us are sure glad to see him too... Trips to UVU as we figure out the college system, making b-day presents, watching movies, making dinner together, hanging around home & listening to music, checking in with Pebbles here and there and trying my best to stay away from the constant news of politics and the economy... which seems to be affecting everyone. We continue to pray and cross our fingers & toes.

Tonight we watched 'Fireproof'. Larry & I both really liked it. Josh said he thought it was kinda dumb and awkward, but I know he liked it because he stayed awake for the whole movie... I wish they made more movies like this with good stories.

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Becky said...

Always good to keep one eye open with our kids! Noticed you put your summer picture of your house back on your site, nice and green. Love you all. Enjoy your week with Josh.