Saturday, April 25, 2009

OHS Amazing Race

I woke up at 6:30 am thinking about gardening, but it rained just about the entire day. I did squeeze in a bike ride this morning.

Today is our OHS Junior Prom day date we are doing for our nephew Cameron. His parents wanted to do the amazing race for him and let us create different legs of the race for this group of 14 kids. They ran into our house and quickly started to make outfits using toilet paper, newspaper & duct tape. Once done, they drove to the busiest intersection in Orem and had to cross all four crosswalks. Each time, they had to face the cars with their backends and 'write' their names in the air with their bottoms. It was pouring rain and they left clumps of soggy TP and newspaper everywhere they went.

But the best part of the day? A little while later, still in the pouring rain, they headed over to the field by our house and Paul had set up a paint ball course for them with safe places and every time the girl would answer a question correctly about OHS, the girl would tell her date he could go. He would scamper and dive from base to base as we nailed him with paintballs. Paul, Ransom, Larry and I were the shooters. We told them to wear pants and long sleeves. We gave them helmets for safety. One kid had 19 hits. There was a kid who was wearing shorts and I guess I nailed him with my pink paintballs on both his ankles and they were bleeding. I guess Ransom & I both hit him in the 'tenders' too... Ashlee's word. He walked uncomfortably the rest of the race, but will live. Next time, cups may be needed. It was a most gloriously fun time! We are available for group parties if anyone may be interested :)

The Amazing Race group
1. Our Nephew Cameron & date 2. Making their paper outfits
3 & 4. Writing their names in traffic
1-3. The paintball course 4. The shooters: Paul, Ransom,
Brenda & Larry 5. The question girls: Lindsey, Ash & Kelsie
6. The wise ones in the car: Katie & Conrad and Abby


Mackey Family said...

Who's the one getting shot? OUCH!!! I love your family! You have so much fun!!! Ash, nice jacket! The North Face rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky said...

What fun you guys make, a day those young guys will be sure to remember. I bet it was a thrill shooting that paint gun Brenda! Loved the picture of my girls under the polka dot umbrella!