Monday, April 27, 2009

My Friend Jose

My friend Jose stopped by the other day at Pebbles. I haven't seen him in several years, one day he just disappeared and I have always wondered what happened to him. He left the area with struggles, and is now working in Wallsburg running a convenience store. It was so good to see him.

I don't know who introduced me to Jose. He is from Argentina and needed work desperately and back then we were able to give him some odd part time jobs around Pebbles and home. He would show up when he needed help and I would look around for something... anything. We did have plenty of mix ups as we learned to work around our language barrier. Through the years, his english got much better.

I remember one time I asked him to caulk the front porch we had just added on. Days passed and it wasn't done, which was unusual. I called him and he assured me that it was. Puzzled, I walked around until I realized he had caulked the picket fence around our garden instead. Larry & I quietly removed the caulking and I asked him to do another project for us... the front porch. This time I showed it to him first :)

Another time Jose came by and I gave him a big box of little white Christmas lights for him to put in our yard. I got a phone call in the afternoon from Jose and he told me he needed more lights. Later that night, we turned on the lights and realized he had put them all on one tree. It was a flaming fireball that could be seen from space. We turned off the lights and didn't have any Christmas lights on that year... they were all in one tree and we didn't want to go buy more. That memory still makes me smile.

It's good to have him back. I will always wish the best for him.

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