Monday, April 13, 2009

My Day

I started my #49 Bday early this morning with my family gathered around my bed, singing Happy Birthday. It felt earlier than usual, but probably because I had gone to bed late. April is our birthday month and mine is on the tail end of Kelsie & Abby's followed by Ashlee. Larry makes the best breakfasts to wake up to. I haven't minded getting older... I am just surprised that I am.

Today feels kinda funky. First day back to work after two weeks. Josh left this morning. I miss him. When I walked in the door from work today, the girls were making homemade chicken fingers & oven fries and cutting up fruits and vegetables. I don't think I have ever felt so loved... I burst into tears. I know I am blessed. We played our new favorite drawing game and had chocolate malts. My favorite gifts are always letters & cards, but they also surprised me with a tablecloth, antique malt glasses, tiny patio sparkling lights, binoculars and a chocolate pudding pie for my very own that I plan on having for breakfast every morning until it's gone (3 days). Yes. Some things are that good. Lindsey did surprise me with a snuggie... partly as a joke, but it makes me smile. It will keep her nice and warm as she is our cold blooded child. I am sure she will use it the most :)

Early morning breakfast... not quite awake yet.
I believe I fell asleep during the prayer

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Chocolates for Breakfast said...

happy birthday I love ya!