Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lunch with the Girls...

We went to Paradise Bakery for lunch today in the snow for some girl time with Larry's family :)

Conrad, Kelsie, Ashlee, Brenda, Lindsey, Carolyn, Kathy,
Brittany & Jackson, Amanda, Kristen, Betty & Katie


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

Oh Happy Day! I love paradise Bakery! In fact Art and I also went there yesterday...but for dinner! We should go there for your birthday lunch with us old dolls?!

Terry said...

Hey Brenda! So great to see you! Her name is Lindsay Powell. She teaches at the UVU church on 800 South 800 West Orem. (it is through the Institute program at UVUIt will start again in Aug. It runs 15 weeks and is $18.00 such a bargain. She is amazing! She teaches the doctrine and when you learn that... you can't stop! It is awesome! Send me the name of the oven you bought! Loved visiting with you! Your daughter is darling! Hugs! Terry