Saturday, April 11, 2009

Abby's Early Morning Bday Breakfast

We surprised Abby with an early morning breakfast with her friends... a complete surprise for our birthday girl when they went downstairs to wake her up... but a great way to start her birthday off! We made yummy crepes and a mountain man casserole. Afterwards, everyone sang and talked with helium and then they were off to play Rock Band for hours. Happy #14 Abby!
1. Mikayla, Melanie, Aaron, Michael, Matt, Nathan, Dallen & Miranda 2. Abby 3. Miranda & Abby 4 &5 Around the table 6. Aaron, Matt & Ashlee
1. Abby & Dallen share the same Bday 2. Lindsey, Ash, Larry & Lindsey 3. Michael, Dallen & Matt 4 & 5 Ash & Lindsey 6. Rock Band


Brittany and Scott said...

happy birthday abby!! thanks for sharing your family with us saturday night; it was great to see everyone at the blessing!!

Becky said...

What a great way to begin your special day...with friends and family. Happy Birthday again Abby