Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where's Your Nose?

Conrad has already mastered the 'Where's your eyes?' challenge. He can now successfully poke himself in the eye. Now we have moved on to the 'Where's your nose?' and it was a piece of cake. He easily found his nose and I believe he is showing the beginning signs of being a great nose picker. Society will thanks us one day as the sometimes gross habits of boys continue :) Whoever thought it came from one simple question?


Mackey Family said...

That is funny! I just got after Kolby for having his finger in his nose! BOYS . . . GROSS! But we love them!

Becky said...

Boy, you capture Conrad well. He is one exceptional young man. Of course he is...he's your grandson! Kind of fun watching him go through all these stages of development, even the discovering your nose phase!

Kat Porter said...

This cracked me up. Love it when Conrad joins the blog. He's fabulous!

Shantel said...

Brenda, he is so adorable even picking his nose. I love when they show you where everything is. They feel so BIG & important.
You are such a sweetheart. I am hoping to get back into blogging. Sometimes things get really crazy with 3 little ones. I feel like there is so much that I want to accomplish in a day and I'm not able to. I have put blogging to the side but I do plan on getting back into it. I do love to blog. I hope to see you and your family soon. Thanks for being such a great friend to us. XoXo