Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tennesee Tuesday

Today we slept in, which is a treat all by itself! We walked the perimeter of Becky & Scott's land with Scott as our guide showing us where the land started and stopped. It is huge and a child's dream to discover! I kept thinking what a blessed childhood Charles, Randy & Ethan are having. It has been extra nice to have Scott home this trip, as sometimes he has to travel when we come to visit. He and Becky have grown together real nicely. Over the past few days, she has reminded Scott nearly 254 times that the grass is growing too long and he needs to get the lawn mower working for the season so she can mow. He has reminded her 254 times that he has to go into town and get a battery.

During our hike, I believe I touched poison oak. I did my best to wash it off when we got back but won't know for two days if it was soon enough. I already feel itchy, but it very well could be in my head. We made horsey sounds to make the horses come to us, but they ran off... kinda says how pitiful we sound. Ashlee gathered pinecones, acorns, bark & such... hence the name Pebbles in my Pocket.

Tonight we had fried catfish & cornbread. Extra yummy and I know a cold piece waits for me in the morning for breakfast. She also made my favorite burrito's today. If Randy was home from college, I would have to hide some from him in the refrigerator crisper. Becky panicked at the thought of me making cornbread tonight. Instead, she and Ashlee puttered in the kitchen together and I sat at the kitchen table and downloaded the photos of the day. They each had the superior look of a good cook on their faces that annoyed the heck of out me. But boy! dinner was sure good :) Then we watched Michael & Follow The Stars.
My sister Becky & her husband Scott

1. Elk poo 2. Land 3. Scott found a baby rabbit with Ethan & Ashlee
4. Baby Rabbit 5. Elk resting 6. Brenda, Becky & Ashlee

1. Clay pigeon launcher 2. Land 3. Becky & Ethan
4. Scott feeding cow 5. Scott & Duke 6. Barn door
1. Trees on property 2. Honey bee farm 3. Ashlee gathering stuff
in her pocket 4. Poison Oak 5. Randy's horse, Skip 6. Scott

1. Ashlee 2. Brenda waving in front, Becky waving in back
3. The farm 4. Scott, Becky & Duke 5. Corn bread 6. Fried catfish

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Mackey Family said...

It just doesn't seem like a place like that could really exist in our world today. What an amazing trip!