Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scrapbook USA

'Spending time with Dad and each other' was their hands down favorite part of Scrapbook USA. They came home happy & tired and filled with stories from the two days. I loved spending my day puttering at home and having some much needed down time.

Katie & Ransom went on a date and Conrad spent the evening with us. I took him for a walk through the neighborhood at his pace as he discovered every dog, cat, bird and bug in sight... often getting on his knees and barking at them all. Then we came home and just hung out as he played around with his Grandpa before slowly falling asleep.

Lindsey, Abby, Kelsie & Ashlee
(Katie is home with Conrad on Saturday)

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Becky said...

My girls are so beautiful and I swear they get more beautiful with each passing day! Hope your time with Scrapbook USA was successful.