Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bragging on my Larry Boy

My Larry Boy not only brings home the bacon, he brings home the canned goods with a smile too! I don't think there is a nicer person in this world. Since Larry & the girls took a community coupon class and learned the ins and outs of couponing, it is amazing what my guy is able to do. He gets 5 newspapers delivered on Sunday, cuts out and organizes his coupons and makes a game plan. It's extra fun when the girls come and do their shopping with him. He easily saves 50%-80% and makes bank! Plus he fills up our food storage with good food that either we will eat or we can share with others.

Our church leaders have always stressed the importance of having a food / water storage in preparation of a difficult economy or disaster of any kind. It makes us feel a little more secure when hard times come. Everyone needs to do this!

In our newly discovered thriftiness, Kelsie & I went to the thrift stores after school to check out their clothes. Cool. Kelsie found 3 tops she liked for a total of $13. When she had this idea to go, I was surprised. Could my love of the thrift store / yard sale have past on to her? I am delighted that she wants to embrace saving money for her future. I believe she will grab her sisters and go again... you never know what treasures they will find :)

Kelsie was weirded out that she liked a top that I already have!


Katie Bigelow said...

Kelsie that is pretty embarrassing that you and mom can have twinner shirt days! Same color even!

Becky said...

I see a blog coming now..."twins" with you and Kelsie dressed the same! Actually girls, you have a real cool mom with great taste. Way to go Larry in saving your family on their food bill. You must get double on your coupons in Utah?