Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beef Delivery

Paul and Larry met Paul's Mom to pick up the 1/2 beef last night. I still don't know the proper name of what to call it. Today they sorted through the different cuts and divided them up between our families. Ashlee was semi-gagging the whole time as she isn't a big beef eater, much to Paul's dismay. So many of the cuts we have never heard of. There were packages of arm roasts. Where do you think an arm roast comes from? Last time I checked a beef has 4 legs doesn't it?


Mackey Family said...

Brenda! You guys always do the funnest stuff together!! What a sweet family you have and I think its so gret that you all do so much together!

bulkleybunch said...

i would have been gagging right along with ashley! i hate raw meat in any form but i'll sure eat it all up if i don't have anything to do with preparing it! ????

Becky said...

We raise our own cows and have them butchered locally. My favorite cuts are stew meat, cube steak and lots of hamburger. Scott likes the steaks. We all love beef!