Friday, December 19, 2008

The Wait for Josh is Nearly Over

Today is the day that Josh flies to Utah for Christmas. It has been a long 2.5 months since he has been here and we are all looking forward to seeing him... Kelsie is so happy! His flight may be delayed, he was supposed to get in at 2:25pm. We checked the weather and a big red blob showed up over Michigan and another red blob is moving over Utah. We are saying our prayers & keeping our fingers crossed that he makes it in safely today. Larry & I will be driving Kelsie to the airport to pick him up. We are getting a huge storm in this afternoon with high winds and real low temperatures.

Tonight Ransom & I are going to the Neil Diamond concert in SLC and I'm holding my breath and saying my prayers that the roads will be good. I would hate to crash and die right before the holidays. January seems like it would be a better month for that. If the storm is real, real bad, we may have to rethink our plans. Ugh!

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