Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sledding & Snowboarding

Today Ransom & Josh were able to go snowboarding and the rest of us went sledding. We especially loved getting some air as we went down the jumps that previous sledders had made and took our share of tumbles. We left with sore bottoms and good memories... amazingly, Conrad slept through some of it. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and it felt so good to escape outside.

Click here for photos


Becky said...

Great air shots. Brenda, love the hat. You look like...okay, I'll go ahead and say it..a rolly polly bug... I sure love you! I can't believe how grown up our Abby is getting. Abby, you look "pretty in pink." I guess it's the time for our youngest to start growing up. Love you all bunches.

Birrell Family said...

Not an attractive roly poly bug huh? I guess it's obvious what my goal this year will be... Ugh!