Monday, December 29, 2008

Shooting Shotguns

Shooting Shotguns is just plain cool. Something about blowing up pumpkins, gingerbread houses, bottles & lightbulbs, clay pigeons, stuffed animals (which almost seems cruel)... Before throwing anything away now, we look at it through new eyes and place it in our shotgun box. It's not that our 'white trash' place up squaw peak trail is our favorite, it's just close by. Today it was surprisingly pristine with a good amount of snow covering the garbage until spring.

Josh & Kelsie, Brenda, Ash & Paul, Chad, Amanda & Jake, Lisa & Mike and Wesley
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Becky said...

Now I could get into this.
Now I could get into this. You guys don't let the snow stop you from doing anything! It would be a thrill to blow up a pumpkin. Come on out to TN and we'll shoot at targets together! Love you all.