Thursday, December 11, 2008

California Family

The highlight of our trip to California for me was visiting my extended family on my Mom's side. Just seeing them instantly brought back so many memories. We moved away to Utah right before 6th grade and I missed them. I still do. We chatted away and too soon, it was time to go. The kids really had a good time listening to stories and enjoyed their treats on the way back home. Thank you!! Paul got to talk hunting & shooting with Uncle Sonny and hopefully I will be able to come out for a longer visit sometime this next year.

Top left: Brenda, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Beverly & Aunt Jackie
Top Right: Nancy Jean, Janet, Aunt Beverly, Brenda, Susan & Diane

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Becky said...

Hello to everyone in California and you look great! It's good to see you even if it's just through pictures. Thank you Brenda for posting these. You sure bring back the memories and makes me miss you all the more. If all goes as planned I'll see you this next summer. Love to you all Becky