Thursday, November 20, 2008

Under the Weather

Tonight Kelsie isn't feeling too good. Kind of coldish, achey, not really hungry, but kind of... just not for our 8 day casserole from the night before. Soup, toast, grilled cheese... nothing sounded good. Getting tired of playing the food guessing game, Larry mentioned Taco Bell and she half smiled. Taco Bell it was for her, the rest of us are still working on that casserole. I believe she has watched a half dozen episodes of House, puzzling for someone who says she doesn't really like it and btw... she snores when she is sick.

I dropped over to Ash & Paul's and she made the yummiest pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and sent some home with me :) Paul even shared a chocolate covered cherry with me, an unheard of generous gift from one chocolate covered cherry lover to another. Conrad had a ball playing / bathing in her kitchen sink. He loves Thursdays with his Ash.


Birrell Family said...

Update on the casserole... I think broccoli just stinks. I brought it to work for lunch and three people told me I needed to empty my garbage. Hmmm? It's the casserole I told them. I wonder how something so stinky can taste good... but it does :)

Jojo said...

lol I love house its my favorite show! Sister Birrell you so need to go see twilight Ive seen it twice its great (IN THE SAME DAY!)

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

Chocolate covered cherries, huh!? Be nice to me and maybe I can hook you up with the really good kind from you know where! You have now been added to my google reader...part of an elite group!Love ya!