Friday, November 7, 2008

Home with a headache...

Hmmm. I came home from work with a headache. I am the first to admit I generally don't get headaches. In fact, I am quite sure I give out more headaches then I get. I think it's because I didn't eat breakfast or lunch (or possibly political overload which I am needing to swear off of). I need to go to the grocery store, but I'm not our Kelsie who is in love with her Harmon's. I am her mom who would rather do just about anything other than go to the store... even if that means grazing by the fridge as I eat food in a pecking order until only Miracle Whip, cottage cheese and dill pickles remain... the kinds of food that shouldn't be on anyone's food list to begin with. Kind of lame on my part isn't it?

It's only me and Abby at home this weekend and she can't drive yet. So it's up to me to take us. Darn! Larry, Ash & Kels are in St. George at a Scrapbook USA show. I miss them. Abby & I were getting set for a quick trip to the store and then guess who showed up to spend the night? Wonderful Lindsey who is taking Abby to Harmon's. How is that for perfect timing? Thank you Lindsey!

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Anonymous said...

Brenda, you've just described my least favorite chore - grocery shopping. Sorry you have a headache. Need a Dr. Pepper?