Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night 2008

Today it was hard to focus on work. It is after all election day... in my pj's by 5pm , dinner? kids wanted Taco Bell, Abby & her friends are baking cookies, Lindsey's napping on the couch and Kelsie had to unfortunately work until 9pm, but will call from time to time and get updates. Larry is disgusted and is watching CSI in the other room. He will be so happy to hear my late night TV politics have come to an end and I can go back to a regular bedtime.

We just listened to Obama's acceptance speech. It could not have been better. It's hard not to admire him and get caught up in the hopefulness of needed change. We need it not only as a country, but as a world. But what kind of change are we going to get? True, he is a gifted speaker that has inspired many, but who is he and what does he really stand for? I don't think anyone really knows. Does he make me nervous? Yes. I can only go by his past record and his spread the wealth from the bottom up mentality. As a business owner I am fearful of a slowing economy. I also believe that the more government does for people, the less people will do for themselves. That's basic human nature. And once the government starts to give more, can it be reversed one day? Are we going to teach people to fish and hold them accountable or are we going to just offer hand outs for a life time? How do we break the poverty cycle mentality for so many people? I don't mean this to sound thoughtless, I know there are some people that must be helped, I have no problem with that. The media sure handed him to us on a silver platter though didn't they?

I just pray that he will move more towards the center and really bring our country together as he promised. He talks unity, now we will see if he can deliver it. Highlight? Proposition 8 did pass :)

On a lighter note, I wonder which women's magazines Michelle Obama will be on first?


surfer and the hippie said...

Brenda, you captured my thoughts perfectly. Only difference is Nate was watching House. *wink* Thanks for sharing - you rock!

Birrell Family said...

Kelsie & I watched an episode of House too between all the politics. I think it's our new favorite show. I find him to be quite endearing...

Decker Family said...

Perfectly said. Thanks. Karen