Saturday, October 11, 2008

OHS Homecoming with Josh

I felt lucky to have Josh fly out from Michigan to take me to Homecoming. The best part of the dance was just being with him. Josh wore his crocs and I got to wear my moccasins with my pretty puffy dress. Untying my moccasins gave Josh a lot to do to annoy me :) We had a fun dinner at my house and then mom took pictures of us. Before we could go to the dance I wanted to get Josh his fur lined crocs that he loves so much. In our fancy clothes we went to Nordstrom and Sports Authority. I haven't been stared at so much in my life, people must have thought we were really weird... but he really is a Nerdo Caperdo. We went to the dance for a little while and were happy to come home and relax and watch House, of course.

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Josh said...

crocs are better than moccasins

Kelsie said...

my socks plus my moccasins kick your crocs trash.

JULIE said...

kelsie you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! how fun!

Amy said...

I wanted to see you and Josh while he was here, sorry it didn't work out that way. I'm happy you had fun!