Monday, October 20, 2008

It wasn't me

The kids prepared a yummy homemade dinner for us when we got home from our trip late last night. It was so good to be back. Lindsey brought her friend AJ over and I don't think I have ever apologized for our family so much... We started talking about our trip to San Francisco, then moved on to body parts & body functions and went down hill from there. Sometimes we struggle with the appropriateness boundary. Then to top it off, Ransom finished the meal with his trademark fart. Harmless he said, they rarely smell... except for this one! This one definitely hovered and AJ quickly took cover under his hoodie.


Mackey Family said...

Ransom became RANCID! Well, it beats having a tummy ache!

Jojo said...

Lol that is hilarous! It must of been fun!

Birrell Family said...

Did you know they broke up the next day? Coincidence?