Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Human Ice Cubes

We go through this every year as we make the transition to cold weather. The kids tell us...

It's negative 9 degrees.
It's colder than crap.
I swear I can see my breath.
I can't do my homework my hands are so cold.
I think it's colder inside than outside, I'm not gonna lie.
What is wrong with you people? (Clearly meant for their parental units)
Are we poor?
Are we trying to save money?
Can we sleep in the family room? It's too cold downstairs.

For the past two nights Kelsie & Abby have slept upstairs in the family room... they go through this phase when the cold settles in. Actually I think they just like to stay upstairs and watch another episode of House, their show of choice lately. They walk around the house, so sure that we can see their breath and are all bundled in blankets. Good thing they have their moccasins and hot cocoa :)

Their Dad tells them he heard it's going to warm up. They are non-believers. Their Mom tells them to buck up and move around, try dancing around with me... you'll get warm. They are clearly irritated with her and slightly disturbed.

Last night when I tucked them in, I noticed that Kelsie fell asleep with three blankets and her sweat jacket & hoodie pulled over her head. I tell Larry that if it doesn't warm up, we may need to turn it up a couple notches and make it more bearable for them. The honest truth is, Larry & I must be cold blooded, we simply don't feel their pain.


BionicKatie said...

That is sorta funny. It like me i am always cold. Thanks for the kind comment. i was doing grapes and not dishes on saturday and i was really tried for a high dose on meds.

johnsmith said...

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