Saturday, September 6, 2008

Girl Time at the Homestead

The girls planned a getaway to the Homestead in Midway on Friday night. Our plans? To do nothing! The good news? Everyone got along. We ate a yummy dinner, played cards, watched Psych and were entertained by Conrad. Larry also learned how to text from home... a big boy step for him and fun for me.

We went to a couple of Antique shops (my favorite) and then went shopping to the outlet mall for a little bit (not my favorite and Abby was painfully bored). When we were in the dressing room, Lindsey had the nerve to smell her armpit and then asked me if I passed gas? Me? Hmmm... Lindsey, the odor did seem to follow you. This of course led to the what's better question...the natural smell of a person vs perfume. Overwhelmingly, we all like the natural smell of a person except for Lindsey who likes perfume. Thoughts anyone?

Katie finally found a Halloween costume for Conrad... looks like he will be a monkey. My suggestions of manly man costumes were instantly turned down. He will however be the cutest monkey in our neck of the jungle for Halloween.
Good Morning!

Notice the monkey toes...
all the girls curl their toes under just like their Dad every once in awhile

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