Friday, August 15, 2008

Nauvoo Trip 2008

Memories of our trip:
When we first got to Nauvoo, we rolled down our window and asked for directions to the Nauvoo Visitor center and it turned out to be Gay Smoot from Orem Utah, Mother of one of my neighbor friends, Linda. She is a temple missionary. It was a delightful surprise. We quickly went to the visitor center and to our surprise we discovered Amy in the parking lot leaving for the day with her companion. We were so excited and quickly made plans to meet. It was so good to see Katie & Amy together. Larry, Ransom, Katie & I went and did a temple session in the morning and Gay Smoot was there. We caught up on family news and she walked us through the sealing rooms in the temple. The girls went together and did Baptisms. We took Amy & her companion to lunch. She told us there weren't many options and told us to meet her at Subway... only problem was there were two Subways in town, who would have thought? While we waited at one, she was waiting at the other. We finally met up and were able to spend time together. She was our tour guide when we went through Carthidge Jail. It was a good experience. Ransom got stung by a wasp. Ransom's highlight of the trip was finally being able to throw rocks in the Mississippi River. Ransom taking Conrad on luggage cart rides in the hotel hallways. Watching the Olympics... Michael Phelps trying 8 for 8. Kelsie texting Josh. No phone service anywhere! Walking around the temple for an hour the first night while Kelsie talked on the phone... hearing cows? Conrad's noisy airplane ride there and a surprisingly quiet ride on the way home. Rendevous in old Navoo play " I can do this". Ransom throwing cran-apple fruit... Hey! we don't do that here! Ransom at the swimming pool "Everyone can see your junk!" Ivy Bakery with yummy food, especially the caramel rice krispy treats... recommended by Lindsay Bowerman. Lindsey co-piloting with Larry. Fort Madison. Seeing BYU Vocal Point group with Eric & Scott Sackett from Orem! Dropping off groceries to Amy's porch. Dottie's diner 2x's chicken fingers. Kelsie getting picked up at the airport by Josh and going to the Brian Regan concert. Ransom wants to move to Nauvoo and become a spider & tent caterpiller exterminator, Trail of Hope... Ransom "I've been walking all day with hope, I need a break". Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. The smell of hair mousse and shaving gel in the bathroom... ugh!

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