Friday, July 25, 2008

2008 Birrell Family Reunion

We just finished up Larry's family reunion and had a great time. Here are some of our favorite memories we gathered on our way home:

Plenty of hanging out and being together, watching the cousins connect with one another, hammock rides, outdoor movies, tin foil dinners (all those potatoes and carrots!), the river adventure, the hot, hot, hot dust trail, animal ball in the field, Sydney painting Brent's face, football game until Bri's injury (Larry: it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt), HUGE tenacious mosquitoes, Tyler & Austin giggling all night, Joe's bloody hand, volleyball, softball, new discovery: coconut marshmallows, Kelsie's first try of Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Squirt & Fresca... didn't like any one them, Scott to Zac at every meal... Who get's to eat first? The ladies :( , Ipod name that tune, Dennis's puffy mosquito bitten hand, Ryan's stubby toe, cousin's sleeping together in one great room, Kelsie & Ryan singing together to Cameron's Ipod, Cameron telling Abby, Kammi & Austin to shut up... it was Austin & Tyler, Taylor walking into sliding glass door, Alex wearing Kristen's flip flops and Kristen wearing Sydney's flip flops on the way to the river, Hal losing a glass lens and shoe on the river... , Scott conducting before mealtime, See's candy from Paul, Lindsey talk's with Brent, Brent & Carolyn games: Orange race with stick, pie eating contest, suck beans with straw and put in soda bottle, water balloon toss, 3 legged race, eat crackers and whistle, balloon hop, Angie liking our chair... Dennis liking our chair... taking pictures.

Sandi, Julie, Jessica, Dennis, Zach and Cameron

Scott, Tyler, Mandi, Brenda and Kelsie

Austin, Kammi, Taylor, Angie and Larry

Craig, Brianna, Kevin, Abby, Ryan and Jill

Scott, Gary, Hal, Lindsey, Alex and Betty

Ashlee, Joe, Kyle, Kassi, Kristen and Sydney

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BriAnna said...

Hey Brenda...just wanted to say thanks for the got some really good ones! That MobileMe Gallery is way cool and way easy! Thanks a ton!