Saturday, May 3, 2008

You have a booger in your nose...

This morning Abby and I went around the neighborhood passing out shower invites for Meagan Smith. A perfect morning of blue skies, blooming flowers, snow covered mountains and 60 degrees with my Abby. It took us about 2.5 hours (I always end up visiting) and as we walked home Abby told me I had something in my nose and of course I pulled out a booger. I asked her how long it had been there. “Just about the whole time”, she said. UGH!

I went on errands with Kelsie. We went to Borders, her most favorite store. When we checked out, the girl asked if I would like to purchase a book for a group that could use a leg up. I said yes,then asked if the price was retail or wholesale. She said it was retail. I said that it should be at cost because it was a donation and that I should be able to donate two books for that price. I didn’t think that they should be making money on my donation. Kelsie about died of embarrassment. I just bought the dumb book and we left, with my daughter thinking I was a total ‘meany head’ (her words).

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